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OFFICIAL MATRIX NFT AVATARS - NeoMatrixology - 14-05-2022

I know it can be very difficult to purchase Matrix NFT's if you are new to the overall cryptospace like me so I bought some extra ones for hardcore Matrix fans that might be locked out of the NFT experience.

These lovely ladies might not still be available by the time you read this but I will do my best to keep a couple extra avatars on deck for Matrix fans who want to be a part of the project. These 3 are listed for BELOW MINT DISCOUNT PRICES!

DUAL ITEMS! Right Hand Short Black Sai/Left Hand Cell Phone:

DUAL WEAPONS! Right Hand Silver Staff/Left Hand Katana w/Black Handle & Silver Blade:

Need access to the Blue Leaderboards? Check out this Blue Compliance Officer:

***PayPal Purchase Optional DM @Neomatrixology (Twitter/IG/YouTube/Discord) 4 Details or Questions***