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FAQ - General Guidelines - READ HERE FIRST OR DIE - QuiDormit - 08-11-2010

Q: Is the game complete yet?
A: No. It's not even close yet. Even when it's complete, it will never be complete, and it will never be exactly like it once was.

Q: Why will it be so different?
A: First of all, because this is being reverse engineered from scratch. More progress has been made than ever before, however. As of this moment, it is simultaneously a glorified chat program (with emotes, moods, and by popular demand… dance) and a tool to test packets.

Q: When did the project start?
A: Rajko started this project years ago. He began work on an off in 2005. He worked on it again in earnest once the shutdown was announced and was able to get the Margin and Authentication done before MxO closed, because after the shutdown would have been too late.

Q:: When will it be done?
A: There is no set completion date, nor should there be. These things take time. It took years to create MxO, so creating the emulator will take at least as long. Unfortunately, there is a lot we don't know and can never know, so we have to make best guesses.

Q:: What is the big deal with all of this packet stuff?
A: In the simplest terms, packets are bytes sent to and from the server/client to update each other. When you jump, for instance, the request is sent to the server, it checks to see that you are able (i.e. not in combat), where you are, and where you will land. This is sent back to the client to inform it how to update. This is a gross oversimplification, but it serves the purpose.

Q:: OK, can you tell me more about packets?
A: Since packets are how the client and server communicate, we are busy trying to decode what we have so we can figure out how to recreate animations, moves, combat, NPC's and their behavior and so on and so on.

Q:: Wait, so there's no combat yet?
A: Nope. The emulator is unfinished. There are countless things missing at this time.

Q:: What can't I do, then?
A: It would be easier to answer what you could do, but for example, the in-game character creation is not working, jump animations are not in place, no combat, no two-person emotes, no /leanwallloop, no hyperjump, no combat, no free-fire, no inventory usage, no clothes-changing, no creating crews or factions, no adding/removing people to buddy list, no seeing who's online, no loadout modifications, no leveling, no hacking, no crafting, no constructs, and a million other things.

Q:: Jesus, so what CAN I do?
A: Chat, whisper, /who, jump (you won't see the animation, but you CAN jump), teleport, things like that. Also, elevators and hardlines work. You can teleport to any hardline in the game. There's a list of commands here:
Here's a more descriptive version of the teleport commands by Neo VIII:

Q:: Is something wrong with in-game chat?
A: Apparently, there's an intermittent issue with in-game chat that causes messages to be sent, but not received. You can check to see if you're having this issue by looking at the top pane of the chat window. Normally, your chat is echoed there ("You said ....."). If you do not see this when you send messages, you're experiencing 'the chat bug,' and you're probably missing scintillating conversation. The best remedy is to disconnect and reconnect.

Q:: So how do I create a character anyway?
A: Follow the instructions on the main page . You can also watch this video

As for clothes, you can find the values for those by using Cloudwolf's badass clothing tool. Unfortunately, the link no longer works, and I don't know of any other way to figure out what clothes are what other than trial and error. Change the numbers in the character edit panel, then save, then in MxO, type "&update". There's no other way at the moment to figure out what clothes are what.

Q:: Is there a repository for this information and information on all of the other projects currently running?
A: I have one here at and anyone can create an account, modify, update, add, or remove information. I will be moderating the site, and grievers will be banned.

Q:: So I heard that there are multiple projects. What's the deal?
A: Well, Rajko was partnered up with Neo and Morpheus for a while on MxO Emu, but due to some disagreement, they have split off into their own team. Now Neo and Morpheus have their own project, Hardline Dreams, which is coded in different languages from Rajko's MxO Emu. There's a third project created by TasteeWheat, MxO Live, which can be found over at MxO Forums. Also, there's a fourth project... MxO Source. For a long time I hesitated to call it a project, but it is a project in its own right. We started that project when the other three seemingly stopped updating.

MxO Emu
MxO Live
Hardline Dreams
MxO Source

Q:: Can't we all just get along?
A: We do. All parties are open to suggestions/updates/information. Rajko has helped TW's project quite a bit, and Morpheus lurks everywhere to provide information/updates/etc.

Q: I have an idea! Let's contact WB, SOE, Rarebit, Dracomet, Walrus, 9mmfu, (insert person/company here) and ask them to get MxO back! Surely they'd sell it to us, and if we each donated 100 dollars and a kidney, we'd have it!
A: No. No no no no no. They've been contacted. They've been asked. They've been begged. The answer is and has been no. The answer will always be no. Sure, go ahead and try, but don't expect anything more than, "no."

Q: Is there a chat or anything like that where I can talk to people in real time?
A: Why yes. Yes there is.
Check out mxoemu web chat here!
Or via IRC Client: QuakeNet channel #mxoemu

This list is not (and will never be) finished. I'll be adding to it. Please direct any questions, comments, requests to me as far as updating this list is concerned.

Thanks to Gerik for the original FAQ, bitbomb for additions, and Rajko for busting his ass on this.

RE: FAQ - General Guidelines - READ HERE FIRST OR DIE - Metalogic - 08-11-2010

Good FAQ. Smile Cool

RE: FAQ - General Guidelines - READ HERE FIRST OR DIE - Cycles - 08-11-2010

* Thumbs up FAQ*

RE: FAQ - General Guidelines - READ HERE FIRST OR DIE - cubehouse - 08-11-2010

Brill, much needed Smile

RE: FAQ - General Guidelines - READ HERE FIRST OR DIE - SejjsmSnake - 09-11-2010

well at least its on its way back!!! I have missed it for so long

RE: FAQ - General Guidelines - READ HERE FIRST OR DIE - bitbomb - 09-11-2010

I know something like this has been brought up before, but since this really covers all the bases for someone new to the emu, perhaps there should be a link to this FAQ on the front page? Or in a README in the client? Not every new player is going to click "comment" on the front page to reach the announcement + info to get started, and I'm sure I'm just one of many who's sick of the same questions being asked over and over in the game, and polluting the forum.

RE: FAQ - General Guidelines - READ HERE FIRST OR DIE - QuiDormit - 09-11-2010

Yeah, I only have mod access to the forums themselves, I can't touch the mainpage of

At least there's a place to direct people now. Undecided

Before there was nothing but a really out of date FAQ.

RE: FAQ - General Guidelines - READ HERE FIRST OR DIE - Rxu - 23-11-2010

Best FAQ of all the projects, good work Q!

RE: FAQ - General Guidelines - READ HERE FIRST OR DIE - Dibol - 22-12-2010

Uh, how do I exactly do the clothes? The information just does not look straight forward for someone who is not mod-savvy.

RE: FAQ - General Guidelines - READ HERE FIRST OR DIE - SadPanda91 - 22-12-2010

It's actually pretty easy. For raj's server, you have to go to and click on your username (make sure your logged in). Then select your character's name. From here you should see a selection of coords, districts, and clothes with numerical values next to them.

You can either find what clothes you want through trial and error ( remember to click the update button on bottom and type: &update in game) or look and the guide linked below. The link is for a different server but the numbers are generally pretty close.

The clothing lists are in .PDF files. I hope this helps!!