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in chat commands - Static - 14-09-2011

You can print these in chat and it will replace it by the appropriate value, I am guessing this was used for macros (original link @

%T Target's name
%TL Target's level
%TD Target's Discipline
%H User's handle
%L User's level
%F User's first name
%N User's last name
%D User's discipline
%HT User's max health
%HC User's current health
%HP User's health percentage
%IT User's max inner strength
%IC User's current inner strength
%IP User's inner strength percentage
%S Current simulacra's name
%NH Current neighborhood
%MN Current mission name
%MO Current mission organization
%MS Current mission sponsor
%TS Target [subjective]
%TO Target [objective]
%TP Target [possessive]
%SS Simulacra [subjective]
%SO Simulacra [objective]
%SP Simulacra [possessive]
%G1 First group member's name
%G2 Second group member's name
%G3 Third group member's name
%G4 Fourth group member's name
%G5 Fifth group member's name
%G6 Sixth group member's name