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Texture Tools - rajkosto - 08-04-2012

These tools require the Visual C++ 2010 SP1 x86 Redistributable, available from

Simply drag and drop a .txa (or .txb, or wrongly named .tga) file onto the txa2dds executable and it will create a .dds and .txt file in the same folder as the .txa file
You can then open the .dds file in Photoshop with nvidia texture plugin, or DirectX texture tool, or similar
All texture formats (compressed and uncompressed) as well as types (2d, cubemap) are handled properly.

[Image: Screenshot-2012-04-08_04.09.240304.png]

RE: Texture Tools - rajkosto - 09-04-2012

Does the reverse operation, that is, given a .dds and .txt file (you can use either as parameter or drag and drop source), it will generate a txa file compatible with mxo.
Gives an error if encounters an incompatible format in .dds source (which can happen, depends on your exporter settings)
The formats to use are:
ARGB (uncompressed 32bit RGB with alpha),
V8U8 (2 component normal map data, uncompressed),
DXT1 (compressed texture, with no alpha),
DXT3 (compressed texture, with non-interpolated alpha, prefer DXT5 instead)
DXT5 (compressed texture, with interpolated (better) alpha)

Cubemaps are supported, as long as all 6 faces are defined.

Both tools are included in the archive

You may be wondering, why release such a tool when we can't really do much with asset modification, given that packmaps are sort-of set in stone
Well, stay tuned for more Tongue

RE: Texture Tools - HD_Neo - 09-04-2012

Great Work man.

Also awesome work on your .prop Konverter into WRL.

I had started a GUI based Version for the TXA2DDS Converter (in C#) - but paused the work (as i just had only a part of the texture format figured out and miss the other texture "options" etc. and didnt saw a high priority in it).

RE: Texture Tools - rajkosto - 09-04-2012

of course you did.
[Image: did%20not%20read%20lol.gif]

RE: Texture Tools - rajkosto - 12-04-2012