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Resource Tools - rajkosto - 12-04-2012

These tools require the Visual C++ 2010 SP1 x86 Redistributable, available from

Converts a SOE packmap_save.lta (that came with the game if you used station launcher to update it) to a rezmap.lta (difference is that aliases are detected, and file offsets/sizes are converted to file orders within a packmap)
this created rezmap.lta still needs some manual fixups (renaming extensions of loose files from txa to txb, clearing out a .wav file as source because it didn't exist, etc)
an already preconverted and working rezmap.lta is already included in the archive, so you don't even have to run this program.

A tool that should be very similar to the one that Monolith used to generate packages. It has 3 modes:
-e (--extract-files) requires a rezmap.ltb (if named differently, override with -b) generated in PRODUCTION mode (the one that came with the game is production mode, as the non-loose files have been packed into packmaps) as well as atleast one rezmap.lta (specified as first unnamed parameter) from which it will take filenames from.
This will extract all the files from packmaps into the correct folders, so that you can later repack/develop with them
-d (--development) only uses the .lta rezmaps that you specify as input parameters, and outputs a rezmap.ltb file where all the records point to loose files, specifically the ones that you extracted earlier, and the ones originally loose. This allows you to run MXO without it using any packmaps, it will load all files individually, which means you can change them (size as well) to your heart's content. You only need to run -d again if you add files to the rezmap.lta files (which you probably won't do)
-p (--production) uses the .lta rezmaps that you specify as input parameters, and REGENERATES all the packmaps with the files marked as packed in the rezmap file, according to their order. It will also make a rezmap.ltb (overridable with -b) that uses the packmaps for packed files, and loose files for loose files (as the game would normally do)

reztool --help or -h to see a shorter screen explaining the options
reztool --version or -v to see it's version and author

update to v1.01 on 12.04.2012 changelog:
- adding error reporting (instead of silently omitting fields) when parsing the input files to both programs (which is important)
- speeding up the "sorting resources" step of reztool by 100x

example usage:
reztool -e -b rezmap.ltb rezmap.lta
This will extract the files from rezmap.lta and rezmap.ltb (requires production rezmap.ltb) into loose files. the "-b rezmap.ltb" part could have been omitted from this commandline, as that would be the default value anyway.

reztool -e -b rezmap_origsoe.ltb rezmap.lta
Same as before, but specifies an alternate rezmap.ltb filena,e to use for offsets (in case your rezmap.ltb file is currently a development one, or something like that, and you don't want to rename)

reztool -d rezmap.lta
Generate development rezmap.ltb that will use loose files from the filesystem. Use rezmap.lta as the file list.

reztool -d rezmap_1.lta rezmap_2.lta
Same as above, but now we are using 2 lists (maybe you like separating your lists by some criteria), the lists used will act as if they were merged into one file, duplicate rezids, etc will generate an error.

reztool -p -b rezmap_prod.ltb rezmap.lta
Generates a production rezmap.ltb named rezmap_prod.ltb as well as all of it's associated packmaps.

Event RezOverrides Editor:
A GUI application that lets you view and edit the contents of rez_events.ltb

RE: Resource Tools - Neo VII - 12-04-2012

where is the 'like' button. i don't see a 'like' button anywhere

RE: Resource Tools - rajkosto - 12-04-2012

We don't take too kindly to them facebooks around here, boy

RE: Resource Tools - Sixxth - 12-04-2012

(12-04-2012, 10:32 AM)rajkosto Wrote: We don't take too kindly to them facebooks around here, boy

[Image: The-Tall-Man-Phantasm.jpg]

RE: Resource Tools - rajkosto - 12-04-2012

update to v1.01 on 12.04.2012
check original post (download link is the same, so redownload)

RE: Resource Tools - Aquilae - 17-04-2012

runs reztool.exe

dosbox opens up, says 'No action specified' then closes...

RE: Resource Tools - rajkosto - 17-04-2012

No shit ? how about you read the first post ?

RE: Resource Tools - Aquilae - 19-04-2012

Tried that. Even redownloaded SP1.

RE: Resource Tools - QuiDormit - 19-04-2012

No action specified seems to mean you're not using the flags from what I can tell.

So test this:

Open a Command Line, then type:

reztool.exe -h

You don't double click on this at all. This has to be run from a command line.

RE: Resource Tools - rajkosto - 19-04-2012

there are usage examples in the first post, so no, you didn't read the whole thing, just the first couple of lines.