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RE: MxoEmu Testing Server - Metalogic - 10-12-2010

(10-12-2010, 08:41 PM)Neo VII Wrote:
(10-12-2010, 06:08 PM)Metalogic Wrote:
(10-12-2010, 05:50 PM)QuiDormit Wrote: PLEASE read the FAQ in my signature.

It answers all of your questions.

This game is nowhere near complete yet.

Is there a way to FORCE people to read the FAQ before making their first post on the forums?

I love that idea Meta.

Thanks! If people would just read the FAQ, it would stop many of these questions.

RE: MxoEmu Testing Server - Azah - 19-12-2010

I am new to this server, but with the walk around I have done thus far, I would like to congratulate all that have worked on it.. You have done a find job so far and can not wait till it is complete and working to its full pertential....

RE: MxoEmu Testing Server - qqqq1 - 20-12-2010

hi.. i know its all proably been said before.. i have spent a few hours looking at different posts on here but still none the wiser so thought i can only ask..

i have downloaded the mxo win7 link raj posted at the begingin of the main paige also followed those directions and downloaded the test server etc i have it on my desktop i can launch it and it does the file checking and then brings up the launcher for MXO where it asks for user name and password.. this is where im confused where do i get these from, i have tried my username and password from this forum website as i registered numerous months ago..

so not sure what next i can try. when i say try using the username and password from here for example on the launcher screen for MXO it says

username ........
password .......

Authenticating...... failure....(ERROR)


i have tried several names etc.. i am not sure whether raj or someone has to issue these out to use the test server.. or am i missing some other download..?? any help or direction to where to look on the this site for help would be appreciated..

Many thanks and sorry for being pain.. i did read the responces about noobs being thick etc.. i have read alot on this site now but im not that computer brainy lol

RE: MxoEmu Testing Server - SadPanda91 - 20-12-2010

Go to

Click Register

This is the username and password you should use...

After creating you can additionally change your appearance by selecting your username on (must all ready be logged in).. Then select your character name.. You will see values for your appearance.. You can mess around with these until you like what you look like.. Remember to press update on the bottom and type: &Update in game.

Hope this helps!

RE: MxoEmu Testing Server - qqqq1 - 21-12-2010

hey thanks for the information .. after all the hard work trying to get in finally did it and really fun just seeing and hearing the mxp game again..

would be interesting to know whether i am able to add stuff like npcs or stuff.. if there are hints to this on site somewhere would appreciate a pointer

many thanks and hope to see some regulars back in here lol


RE: MxoEmu Testing Server - Sixxth - 21-12-2010

HI Q - no, NPC's are server side, you are client side. SO, no NPC's until and if there is an EMU update to spawn them.

Having said that, all the vendors and collector NPCs are out there, just not funtioning.

RE: MxoEmu Testing Server - QuiDormit - 21-12-2010

What Sixxth said.


I've posted them all over, and there's even a handy link right in my sig. This way, you will be armed with everything you need to know about the world we have currently.

RE: MxoEmu Testing Server - qqqq1 - 21-12-2010

Hi .. yes thanks for the info.. i have read that section several times... so will keep loking for further updates.. i want to say great job all involved..
Really bought back memories to me the first time i got in lol

shame i am not that brillant at coding etc would have liked to offer my help.. i can stand on the side line with some flags or pom poms or something.

and the main page for the test server and the what to do was the best thing .. it helped me out ..

thanks to all see you in city hopefully sometime..


RE: MxoEmu Testing Server - Kid - 24-12-2010

agreed. better to wait for WB sources.

RE: MxoEmu Testing Server - System7 - 03-04-2012

once ive dl'd the game and have no probs... do i need to come to the site to dl updates... or does the launcher do it itself?