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Full Version: This will never, ever work
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Quote:cus i wont care but smoke blunts and playing on the PS4

better than complaining on here about how it ain't done yet !
(09-02-2014, 09:00 AM)VPirate Wrote: [ -> ]all of you stfu. this project is nothing but a piece of shit like its art and smut. and raj, everything you say and do is a epic fail and probably do nothing but jack your cock off on your gay porno sites other than putting your project to work. but when sometimes i log on, nothing changes that nobody gives a damn about you and abandon you like i going to. you know sicksadworld your right this emulator will never ever work. im through with this fucked up project that has been undergoing for 5 years after mxo got shut down from those SOE bastards. just give up and shut down the site and the project. its all over. and raj yes you can reply bullshit to me cus i wont care but smoke blunts and playing on the PS4. but there is one more thing i have to say when its all over, i just found out my buddy who was part of the method/regression server all ready died of a result of alcohol abuse a few days ago after the actor "Philip Seymour Hoffman" that died of a drug overdose and ill quote my buddy that dragged me here back 5 years ago.

(15-08-2013, 07:00 AM)Zackattack Wrote: [ -> ]i agree on this topic. 2 half years the last time i logged on here, and i see no progress after 4 years of the end of MxO. i mean no npc's, combat system, pvping or just anything. just a boring bullshit ghost town emulator and do nothing. just cant wait till next month, GTA V. should be fucking september. i mean there is nothing really to play anymore than me playing new/old games, smoking (mild tobacco), shooting up smack (heroin) and taking pills (benzo's) irl. when MxO died on 8/1/09 it took everything i loved on that game and destroyed it than SWG when the NGE disaster happened on 11/15/05 due to SOE stupid bullshit idea's. but when i die, ill die young as a saint and sorry for the people who used to hate me on MxO back in the old days. im just 21 years old. ill probably not log on again on this site again if i do live fast and die fast cus this project is dead that saids on top of the topic. sad and a hard life i had. goodbye...

R.I.P. Big Z... Sad

this makes me want to cry. im all done with you mother fuckers. BYE AND GO FUCK YOURSELVES. EVERYONE OF YOU NAZI MOTHER FUCKERS1!1!

Never go full retard, my son.
Mara central pvp. Man I miss it....better then the barrens chat ANYDAY lol
I DEMAND CUSTOMER SERVICE! What kind of place is this? I wanna see the manager.

10/10 would read again
I think we need more thread locking on the forums. It would prevent people wasting time responding to these kinds of threads.
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