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Full Version: The Tetragrammaton/Sentience Shout Outs
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Hey, this is Ballak here. I played on Syntax (I think most of Recursion hates/hated me after that stint with the Assassin('s) Mask) and I was looking back at the old things I used to do in Matrix Online. Hard to believe it's creeping up on ten years since the last thing I ever did in this game. I miss and remember a lot of the names I used to talk to/know really well.

It's cool to see how there seems to be a handful of you diehards still left. I remember names like Neopill and Vesuveus, and it was pretty sweet seeing a Compliance is Mandatory post by my old GM Beachhead not too long ago. Goes to show that even though our game is dead, the bonds of the community really stuck through and I think for a lot of us it will always be a chapter in our lives.

Hell, I guess I inadvertently became nostalgic today. I'm wearing my MxO T-Shirt I won from the one of the events hosted on Split Infinity Radio. I wish I could remember the name of the guy who sent it to me - I think he was Pyroclasm, who was a chill dude. I still talk to the majority of people who transitioned from Tetragrammaton into Sentience, but unfortunately I lost contact with many of the people who were in the former. Mithuial, Beachhead, Fryzool, and Eleu just to name a few.

I never experienced CR 1 so I was pretty new to Matrix Online, and while I hated leveling and the mediocre excuses we got for "content updates", the community and roleplay that went into it went far and beyond top-notch MMORPGs do today. It spoiled me in a way, and the tight-knit community was more or less what kept me still intertwined.

If anyone who remembers me or I know wants to catch up and get back in contact, Steam/Skype info is here.


For nostalgia, here's some old screenshots I had lingering in my photobucket I wanted to share:

[Image: rofl.jpg]
[Image: darkhawk.jpg]
[Image: gf2.gif]
[Image: screenshot_279-1.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_258-1.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_238.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_198-1.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_180.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_152-1.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_100.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_95-1.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_581.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_66-1.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_65-1.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_56.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_16-1.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_322.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_302.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_301.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_279.jpg]

[Image: ccc6.jpg]
[Image: ccc4.png]
[Image: screenshot_260-1.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_258.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_232.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_177.jpg]
[Image: caption3.jpg]
[Image: caption2.jpg]
[Image: caption1.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_172.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_130.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_126.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_0.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_110.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_112.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_106.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_105.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_96.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_47.jpg]
[Image: BallakCharacterSig.jpg]

[Image: Complianceisstillmandatory.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_14.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_5.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_3.jpg]

I hope you fellas enjoyed it. It's unedited, and I'm sure there was some silliness in the chat logs but all of that stuff happened years ago and I can barely remember the people I may or may not have had beef with. Bottom line is MxO was a great game, with a lot of great people. Hope you guys enjoy things, and if you ever want to get in contact with me you'll know where to find me. I'm just not that big of a forum guy.

Compliance is Mandatory.

Nice. Enjoyed the CSR convo lol.
I remember you Ballak, had good times PvPing alongside you. I ran MysticTravi and MysticJadia.
Hey Ballak, what's up?
Yeah I remember you too MysticTravi. If I remember correctly you were Cypherite and a big fan of the Gunman trees in PvP. You were one of the people I respected a lot!

And it's THE OTHINN!

Dude, I was reading Rarebit's forums the other day about Live Events and how they were organized. I think he mentioned the "hardcore event hunters" four or five times, and how he eventually had to switch to the LESIG format because of that clique we had going. He even seemed surprised when he tried to host events in low level constructs and we'd have guys showing up there on the level appropriate alts. Haha, I just wanted to post and say, "Sorry Rarebit, we have the Othinn. No event goes unfound," etc. etc. but I think it's best to let him be on his own forums. In a way it was bittersweet reading how Rarebit felt a little bit jaded towards us. I understand his point of view, because you don't want to RP with the same fellas every time, but I look at it as us being ridiculously dedicated to MxO's story, haha. Still though, man, I respected the amount of time and effort you went into cataloging all of those events to even greater detail than Rarebit's LE threads. It's pretty much all we have left now besides the saved copies of the old MxO forums.

As for me, after I got banned from MxO (hexcode shenanigans, ah the memories) I kind of dropped off the grid until the shutdown day, and I used one of Craint's alt accounts to say my goodbyes. I drifted from Team Fortress 2 to WoW for I believe the last 3-4 years, but college has been taking up a lot of my time. I still speak with Zudrag pretty much every day, and the Sentience crew whenever I pop into their vent or everyone gets together to try the latest MMO. And I don't let Gerik out of my sights on Steam so don't let him fool you.

What have you two been up to?
hey man i remember you well from mxo. BTW pyroclasm still has a show on SIR, look him up. I find MxO people all over, second life, the secret world, etc. the community was really strong and when ex-mxo peeps find each other it shows again! all the best, T
Nah, I was a tried and true Machinist. I guess my faction was probably one of the ones in the "gray" area between Machine and Cypherite. But yeah, I ran guns almost exclusively on Trav, Jadia was my martial artist. Mad respect for you as well. If I'm not mistaken, I think you taught me a few tricks (if it wasn't you, it was someone in Sentience) for my gunman load outs, so props to all you folks.

But mainly just been working and waiting for another good MMO to come along to fill the void left by MxO and SWG. But since nothing really piques my interest, just been waiting on emulators for these two. Good to see all these familiar faces popping up after so long.
Nice to see more familiar names showing up :p I remember you even if you don't remember me.. I had an alt with letter tricks to look identical and had a stint in the machines in a lot of your factions too starting with tetra but Rp got a little confusing at times and i was like 13/14 when i played MXO haha. I cant believe you still have the T-shirt thats awesome :p I occasionally listen to some of the music i used to listen to and got introduced too by SI radio :p

For a while i spoke to endo after it but i haven't in years towards the end of my playtime and the loss of my computer and ability to play i spent alot of time on recursion leveling an alt since it was the last place i needed one so i rarely spoke with alot of the syntax ones and only really came on to pvp :o

soo many names from those screens i'd like to catch up with again and see how everyones doing!
Good to see you again Ballak. Man those screens have some people I havent seen in ages.
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