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Use a download manager to save yourself some trouble.
hey Z
I am using a download manager Gerik, but the file is still corrupted. Its not being interrupted during the download so i dont see how that can be affecting it anyway. I downloaded it again and still the same problem. Im gonna dig up my old cds but my dvd drive aint working so ill prolly have to install on another machine then copy the files across. Will get there eventually.

Hi MajTom, good to see syntax players on here.
Dunno then, because I know it takes a few tries to download it right (without a download manager), but installing the game with discs won't help since they aren't patched.
yeah i just worked that out gerik. the server works fine.. i log in select the lolcharacter then black screen comes up then game closes itself. i figure its because its looking for updated files but its wierd i aint getting an error message. will try the download again now. maybe 3 times is the charm.

Edit: Just to confirm the september edition of the server which is in the guide is the latest version? Ive been reading up on the development and there is alot of talk about a december release and its now april so i wasnt sure.
All working ok now after third client download. Running around mara c is fun, very limited capabilities ofcourse. Going to pm test server owner to get an account. is chat and multi person support up on test server? to be able to use this as a giant chat room till new releases will be good enuf can see others, chat, most emotes, and you can teleport.
So still here Big Grin
Glad to see both local and test servers are working for most of you.
Now i'm almost sure that this horse has already been beaten to death, but for some reason i can't even get through to my own local server.
I am met with the following
EDIT: Got it working, solution is indeed to download a clean copy of the client. <_<
(11-10-2009, 09:09 PM)Bill Gates Wrote: [ -> ]
(11-10-2009, 09:05 PM)Tr1gga Wrote: [ -> ]So your saying ur gonna have a private version of mxo up and running soon? if soo thats awesome.. ill donate too that

More like six months.
you can get the server working right??, after yall your Bill Gates, right? Big Grin
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